Friday, July 3, 2015

TeamCity 9.1 EAP3: Approaching Release

We plan TeamCity 9.1 release for July, so this is one of the last EAP builds which is approaching release quality. We run nightlies on our internal TeamCity instance for a long time already and have just upgraded public test instance with the build.

The build introduces experimental ability for one way agent-to-server communication and bundles VSTest support which was previously available as a separate plugin. For details check the release notes or full list of fixed issues.
Apart from that we are mostly focused on polishing of the earlier introduced functionality and fixing bugs.

It's high time to try the build on your test servers and drop us a line if you find any issues with it.

BTW, if you missed the results of the TeamCity plugins contest, make sure to check the winners and all the participants on the plugins page.

Friday, June 26, 2015

TeamCity 9.0.5: Performance Improvements, Security and Other Fixes

Here is 9.0.5 (build 32523): a fresh stable release with latest performance improvements and other 50+ fixes including some security-related ones.

Upgrade is recommended so get it from the official download page and let it roll on your servers.

As usual, this bugfix update does not change TeamCity data format and downgrade to other 9.0.x builds is possible.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TeamCity 9.1 EAP2: Per-Build Step Settings, Build Log Color and More

Last week we have prepared a new build sharing our current development effort in the scope of upcoming TeamCity 9.1: build 36518.

Check the release notes or full list of the fixed issues.

Get the build from the EAP page.
While the build is stable enough to build all the JetBrains products, it is not recommended to upgrade your productions servers. Trying the build on a test server is the way to go. Please note that the build updates the Data Directory structures so downgrade of the data is not possible.

We target 9.1 release for July, so the started features are stabilizing and get polished. Don't miss your chance to let us know your experience with this EAP build. Report issues into the tracker and leave feedback in the forum.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

TeamCity 9.1 EAP Opening: Custom Sorting for Projects and More

Here is the first preview of the upcoming features in TeamCity 9.1.

The major visible addition is ability to set custom display order for the Build Configurations and Projects lists. The world is no more alphabetically sorted!

If you use Perforce or Subversion you can now store Project and Build Configuration settings in the version control, just like you could in Git and Mercurial since TeamCity 9.0.

And there are more. Check the full release notes. Or full list of fixed issues.

The build has all the fixes included into 9.0.4 release and is stable enough for our production use within JetBrains.

There is an EAP license key bundled which is valid for 60 days. This way you can install it on a test server and try it for the time. We will release the next EAP build within the license time.

TeamCity 9.1 is currently planned for the mid-summer, we still have time to add some interesting features.

Download,  install on a test server and let us know your feedback or any issues you face in the tracker.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TeamCity 9.0.4 BugFix Update

A new update with latest fixes for the stable TeamCity version.

Grab the build and upgrade.

As usual, this bug fix update uses the same data structure as other 9.0.x builds, so downgrades are possible to other 9.0.x versions.

And while we are adding new features for the upcoming TeamCity 9.1 and wrapping some of them for the 9.1 EAP  you have a wonderful reason to create own TeamCity plugin: you get a JetBrains IDE license and can get one of the grand prizes for your contribution to the TeamCity plugin contest. Participate!

Friday, March 13, 2015

TeamCity 9.0.3 BugFix Update: Looots of Fixes

Here is the result of one and a half month of fixes and improvements for TeamCity 9.0.x line: please welcome 9.0.3 which is ready to be downloaded.

Upgrade is utterly recommended :)

As usual, this bug fix update uses the same data structure as other 9.0.x builds, so downgrades are possible to other 9.0.x versions.

With this release the team is switching it's main efforts to work on the next TeamCity feature version with only the most critical fixes applied to 9.0.x branch.

Friday, January 30, 2015

TeamCity 9.0.2 BugFix Update

Please welcome build 32195 - a bugfix update for the stable TeamCity 9.0.x branch.

A load of fixes we've been working on for the past month is awaiting being deployed onto your servers. The fixes range from minor improvements to security fixes and addressing various important issues affecting previous 9.0.x versions.

Upgrade is recommended for all existing 9.0.x installations.
The settings version is the same throughout 9.0.x, so upgrades/downgrades within these minor releases are possible.

Get the build and roll it out!