Friday, December 12, 2014

TeamCity 9.0 (build 32060): 300 Days and 1200 Fixes Later

So TeamCity 9.0 is out and is available for download from the official site.

Make sure to check the upgrade instructions before doing the upgrade!

Here are some basic stats about the release:

  • about 1200 issues fixed in 9.0 (275 were also integrated into 8.1.x branch and released in 8.1.x updates)
  • almost 5000 changes were committed into the core codebase between 8.1 and 9.0 release (with another 3000+ changes affecting the bundled plugins)
  • 302 days has passed since 8.1 release (almost 10 month, well, let's hope this postmaturity makes the baby stronger :)
The team is celebrating but is attentive to any critical issues you file into the tracker or send us via email.

Monday, December 8, 2014

TeamCity 9.0 EAP5/RC (build 32023): Final Polishing

This is one of the last public builds before TeamCity 9.0 release so we encourage everyone to try it on your test servers. This build should also be suitable for not large production servers.

If interested, you can review the full list of fixed issues in this build.

Grab itinstall it and let us know about any issue you find in the issue tracker.
This is your last chance to report us any issues that can still be fixed in the final 9.0 release.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TeamCity 9.0 EAP4 (build 31963 ): Approaching 9.0 Release

Here is a new current TeamCity development preview shared as EAP release.
Check details on the new features and try it on your test servers.

Since we target 9.0 release within a month, it's high time to try the build and let us know how it works in your environment and how well the new features cover your needs.

Keep us posted on your findings in the forum or the issue tracker.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

TeamCity 9.0 EAP3 (build 31886): Project Import and More

Here is a new current TeamCity development preview shared as EAP release.
Check details on the new features and try it on your test servers.

Since we target 9.0 release within a month, it's high time to try the build and let us know how it works in your environment and how well the new features cover your needs.

Keep us posted on your findings in the forum or the issue tracker.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Check What's Upcoming in TeamCity 9.0 before the Release: EAP2 (build 31717)

Sorry for the late announcement here, I was out of the office last two weeks visiting JavaOne and some of our customers in the Bay Area.

A new EAP build for the 9.0 code line was published last week.

Check the changes and give it a try on your test servers. We appreciate any feedback on the new features and how their current state applies to your scenarios. Your comments here, posts in the forum or email messages are welcome! Especially taking into account that we target 9.0 release for the end of November your feedback would be very useful at this time.

Looking through the summary of the last week's customer visits, the general product feedback is very positive. There is always room for improvement which we like to fill making TeamCity experience even more smooth and pleasant.
If you do not happen to be in direct contact with us - we are always open for your suggestions and ideas, so if you have thoughts to contribute - make sure to share and discuss those with us.

Friday, September 26, 2014

TeamCity 8.1.5: BugFix Update

Yet another bugfix update to the stable TeamCity version: 8.1.5 build 30240.

The release includes several performance improvements throughout the system and multiple fixes. You can get the full fixed issues list in our tracker.

As with all the other bugfix updates, this one does not change the data format, so upgrade should be easy and you can still rollback to other 8.1.x build if necessary.

Just get the build and follow the usual upgrade instructions.

P.S. TeamCity is not vulnerable to ShellShock exploit as it does not use the affected technologies.

P.P.S. If you happen to visit JavaOne in San Francisco next week, make sure to drop by JetBrains booth in the exhibition hall, say hi and ask your favorite TeamCity questions!

Monday, July 28, 2014

TeamCity 9.0 EAP is Open

We have published a EAP build corresponding to the current state of the TeamCity trunk development. This will become TeamCity 9.0 in a couple of months according to our current plans.

The code name for TeamCity 9.0 is Hajipur (which is an Indian city starting with H according to our convention).

A note on stability: we run the build on our internal JetBrains installation of TeamCity, but I would not recommend upgrading your production servers to the EAP build. Consider using a test server.

For the overview of the new functionality in this build check the release notes. We would be glad if you find time to try the build on your test servers and let us know what you think on the features and their implementation approach.
You can also get a full list of addressed issues in our issue tracker.

There are also a couple of topics we are working on, but which are not yet reached a state allowing to try them. These include ability to move projects between servers (including build history), performing daily cleanup completely in background, and some more. Also, there are several plugins in the works which are likely to be bundled soon. These include integration with VMware vSphere like that for Amazon EC2 and integration with Sonar.

The features announced in this EAP as well as the above-mentioned ones will form the core of the TeamCity 9.0 release and we will likely spend the rest of the time polishing them, with only some minor features additions.

What do you think on the proposed 9.0 feature set?