Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Calcutta EAP, build 7601

We've just uploaded a new EAP and you can start downloading it :)

The Change Log page pretty much says it all.

A couple of "undocumented" notes, though.

The build has enabled "Agents Statistics Table" tab. Look for one more tab under Agents. It is designed to help TeamCity administrators understand how the load is spread across agents and build configurations.

Actually, the tab was included but turned off for quite a while already. It still needs a lot of polishing, but hopefully we will be able to improve it till the release. Is it helpful? What are your thoughts?

Also, the new search can in fact search for more information that is configured by default. For those of you brave enough, you can try to add test names into the search index by adding JVM option to the TeamCity server. If you have many builds/tests and the database is not quick enough, this can cause 100% CPU load for quite a long time after the server start, so use with caution. You can track progress of the indexing on the separate search results page.

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated.