Thursday, February 25, 2010

TeamCity 5.1 EAP is Open

Today we are opening EAP for TeamCity 5.1 - the next minor version which we plan to release in about a month.

This EAP adds many new features and improvements as well as bug fixes.
What you can do with this EAP:
  • collapse Projects on the Overview page;
  • track failing tests across the whole project in a single place: Current Problems tab;
  • see build start/finish times in Web UI in your timezone (turn this on via a setting on user profile);
  • pack build artifacts into archive via a UI-configured setting;
  • enable code coverage gathering for the Maven runner with several clicks;
  • build your .NET 4.0 projects and use Visual Studio 2010 (RC);
  • tweak Email/Jabber/IDE/Windows Tray notification messages using powerful template engine (Freemarker).

For more details please review Release Notes or fixed tracker issues

Interested? Go download one to try. As usual, the build comes bundled with EAP license key valid for 60 days so if you are not yet on 5.0 or your 5.0 evaluation expired you can try TeamCity for free as a kind of extended evaluation valid while EAP lasts.

Do not forget to backup your existing data before upgrade. If you are on 5.0, you can do this form the web UI.

As usual, we are awaiting for your feedback.

Friday, February 5, 2010

5.0.2 (bugfix update) is Available

Here we are with a new bugfix update for TeamCity 5.0: version 5.0.2 is ready to download.

It contains fixes that improve different TeamCity integrations including Subversion, Perforce, Git, EC2, Visual Studio plugin, MS SQL Server and Maven.

As usual, do not forget to create a backup before upgrading (and with 5.0.x you can do this from the admin web UI).

We are now moving for TeamCity 5.1 with a plan to release it in several months.