Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TeamCity 6.0 RC2 (build 15700): Changes Filter in Schedule Trigger and Fixes

As one more bit before the release here is a RC2 build.

It has only several noteworthy changes and some issues fixed.

A little but wanted feature still slipped in at this time: ability to make Schedule trigger skip triggering a build if the pending changes match specific pattern.

Please note that this build comes without bundled EAP license key (but you can still get one form previous EAP build if you wish :).

Want to get a preview of the almost ready TeamCity 6.0? Jump on the train.

BTW, if you happen to still have TeamCity 4.x installed, you might want to consider buying an upgrade before 6.0 comes out (you can count days now). This way you can still get upgrade discount and get 6.0 and (as with a usual license) get all following releases within a year included into the price.

Friday, November 12, 2010

TeamCity 6.0 RC1 (build 15673): .Net coverage and other improvements

As the release is close we are trying to share the current TeamCity state more frequently with you.

The version has "RC" in the footer to denote close release, while we are still working on fixes and minor improvements.

This release moves Swabra settings out of the build step settings into a new place called "Features". The "Features" section will also get XML test reporter settings soon. This new section is designed to hold settings not specific to any particular build step, but participating in the build behavior.

If you have a plugin for TeamCity which affects build behavior but is not specific to a build step, you can consider moving plugin settings into the section. See the sources of the mentioned plugins for an example.

For this build's changes review, see the release notes or dive into resolved issues in the tracker.

As we are approaching release we are extremely interested in any upgrade and stability issues with this build.

Want to ensure seamless upgrade of your setup to final TeamCity 6.0? Try upgrading your data with a test installation of this RC.

PS I was a bit quick to announce some surprise feature in the previous EAP post. Unfortunately, we decided to postpone it till future releases since it will require some more work (and your feedback too!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TeamCity EAP: Upgrade Confirmation, Bundled dotCover and More

This EAP build (#15638) is one of the last ones to have major feature additions before the upcoming TeamCity 6.0.

Our plans are to release 6.0 in about a month and now we are shifting our main effort to bugfixing and minor improvements. If you want to try new 6.0 features and give us feedback so that we can address it before the release, it's high time to grab the build and test-drive it in your environment.

If you are from .Net camp you can now start to collect code coverage with several simple settings configured from web UI. This is possible thanks to bundled JetBrains dotCover console tool. You can view coverage reports in TeamCity web UI before you decide to equip each developer with dotCover add-in for Visual Studio.

As to changes before 6.0, we have one more card in our sleeve that is likely to be exposed in one of the final EAP builds, so stay tuned.

Beware of the new upgrade confirmation screen that you will see upon first launch of  this TeamCity server.
Starting from this version TeamCity displays the current settings and allows to create backup of the data before proceeding. (Creating backup is only available if you upgrade from previous 6.0 EAP and any future builds)

Please check the settings are correct before proceeding (so that you do not point your test server to a production database by mistake).

This information is displayed only to authenticated users who have physical access to the server: can view TeamCity logs (logs/teamcity-server.log) and grab "Maintenance Authentication Token" from the log.

See the release notes for other major additions or look through full fixed issues list.

And please do not forget to let us know what you think.