Saturday, December 18, 2010

Plugin Initiatives

After 6.0 release we've got some a bit relaxed time and while we were discussing future plans in a set of meetings we also decided to announce internal "write your own whatever you like plugin" time.

Not all team members were participating as some had urgent tasks, but we've got some new plugins rolling.
Some of them are early prototypes not ready for any public preview and some are mature enough to be called beta versions :)

Here is the list of final entrants that we had demoed today:
- day/week changes commit time visualizer (aka PunchCard)
- PowerShell runner
- Meta runner (make a new runner out of existing one allowing to customize only fixed set of options)
- customized agent lists with selected properties displayed (aka Custom Tables)
- display notifications from administrator to all TeamCity users in web UI
- Android runner
- Eclipse PDE build runner
- Scripted properties: extensible way to provide generated values to TeamCity build properties (build start time, value from a Windows registry on agent, values from TeamCity object model)

- OpenId authentication support
- trigger a build on HTTP URL resource change
- expose server model to Flex code (current usage is to draw Build Configuration dependencies graph)

Several of the plugins are already published with sources publicly available, several more will probably follow.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned topics, let us know.

I'll update this post with links to the plugin details, when available.

Do you have your plugin for TeamCity? Care to share one?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter and TeamCity 6.0 Have Just Arrived

TeamCity build #15772 is named official 6.0 release and is already sitting in the downloads waiting to be installed on your servers.

What's New pretty much summarizes the major improvements over the previous releases.

We've added lots of new features and started exploring some of the new ones that we will be improving in the following releases. And we need your feedback for the right direction of the improvements. If you love the feature and want just a small improvement or find it unusable - don't forget to let us know.

I will note several not so prominent additions to this release, that can still deserve your attention.
These are mainly of interest to build engineers and TeamCity administrators:
  • Property completion lists (those available via an icon in text fields) now list properties that come from agents: you no longer need to consult agent pages when referencing a property. In the same mood, defining agent requirements dialog is now aware of available agent properties and their values.
  • Schedule build trigger got an option not to trigger if only specific changes are pending.
  • Snapshot dependencies can now enforce a build to be run on the same agent as the one it depends from.
  • Server Diagnostics got presets for debug logging, so for basic debugging tasks you no longer need to go hack log4j config file.
If you are interested in specific issues, you can browse all 6.0 fixed issues in our YouTrack installation. Are there any filed or voted by you? (Just add "created by:me" or "voted by:me" to the query string while being logged in.) My score is 259. What is yours?

Ready to go? Do not forget to review the upgrade notes before performing the upgrade.