Monday, January 23, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 21075: Enhanced Dependencies Graph and Remote Settings Editing

As we are targeting TeamCity 7.0 release in about a month, this is the last EAP build with new features. We will focus on bug fixes and minor improvements to existing functionality until the release.

That is why it is important for us to get your feedback on this TeamCity build to be able to fix possible issues before the release.

This build further improves build dependencies visualization. To summarize, you get "Dependencies" tab for a build (listing all the build chains that include the build) and also for a build configuration (listing all the chains that include the builds of the build configuration). You can also "continue" a chain from the current state.
"Build chain" are all the builds interlinked with snapshot dependencies. This is a TeamCity notion that embraces build "pipeline".  If you feel the need to get "pipelines" in TeamCity, this is the feature to try and give us your feedback.

Another long-awaited feature is to allow remote build configuration creation/modification. The functionality is now part of REST API. With it you can create new empty build configurations or copy existing ones as well as change individual settings like add a new build step / trigger / agent requirement. If you plan to use the feature you are highly welcome to try it and let us know how well it fulfills your needs. REST API is still scarcely documented, but you can get supported requests description via http://<your server>/app/rest/application.wadl request, which also has links to .xsd of the used entities.

Now it's time to browse through the release notes or full list of fixed issues, download and try it as a test installation.

You are welcome to share your feedback in the forum or by other means.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 EAP build 20939: Restructured Admin Space, Changes Across Dependencies and More

With a bit of delay, here is an announcement of the recent TeamCity EAP build that the team published while I was spending last week of the year on a skiing holiday.

There are lots of new features both related to UI and logic. Please browse through the release notes to find those of interest to you. To get the details you are welcome to look through the fixed issues list.

We would appreciate if you try some of the features on a test installation of your server and let us know how well the features address your case and your opinion on UI changes.

If you use snapshot dependencies (which you really should for interdependent builds), try "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" option for the build configurations with dependencies.

If you have builds that need specifying additional parameters on every build run, typed parameters feature is to explore.

If you prefer to see TeamCity user names instead of VCS ones for the changes: the feature is already in.

I am sure you will find something new for you to explore in the build.

Our current plans are to polish features added in the recent EAP builds and prepare for the release of 7.0 which is planned for February. As we are approaching the release, your feedback on the features would be highly valuable at this time!