Friday, January 25, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 EAP Build #26816: Friendly Ids for Projects, Mixed Authentication and More

We aim to release TeamCity 8.0 in 3-5 months and so it's time to open EAP for the version.

Today you already can try what we have in place and give us feedback for the features.

The most prominent are:

Human-assignable projects ids. These will be used in web UI URLs and REST API as well as in the settings files under TeamCity Data Directory. Ids for the build configurations are to follow.

Ability to have several authentication modules at once. This is useful for migration from one user authentication to another and for giving more freedom in setting up authentication.

TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has also got a couple of features which we eagerly awaiting feedback for.

Please look through the entire change log to get an overview of all the new additions.

We have the build running on our internal production TeamCity installation for quite some time and it works good for us. However, please install the build as a test server. The version converts the settings and the database to a new format and you will not be able to downgrade the server to version 7.1.x, only to upgrade it to the following EAP builds and TeamCity 8.0 in the result.

Ready? Then get the build from the download page.

The forum would be the best place for your feedback and issue tracker - for any bugs you might encounter.