Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 EAP Build #26984: Nested Projects, Server Health and Disk Usage Reports, Subrepos for Mercurial and More

A new snapshot of the current TeamCity trunk/8.0 state is published as EAP build for you to try.

The major addition is ability to nest projects one under another. The structure is then reflected in UI and in settings propagation. The work is still in progress and there are quite a few items to polish, but the general idea is in place already, so comments are welcome!

This builds also brings live several reports for administrators:
Server Health which is aimed at listing potential issues with the settings/functioning and should help both experienced and novice server/project administrators to improve the configuration.

The second report is Disk Usage which allows to sort projects and build configurations by the size that their artifacts and build logs occupy on disk. This should help to tune cleanup rules and forsee disk space issues.

Other additions are ability to assign investigation and mute build problems (non-test-related build failures), option to display changes for Mercurial subrepos, ability to list build artifacts via REST API and more.

See the release notes, try the build and let us know what you think about the new features!