Friday, June 28, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.1 Bugfix Update

We are keeping finger on the pulse and listen for the feedback of those upgraded to 8.0. Hence there is a bugfix update with the fix for most important reported issues (nothing seems critical, though) and last-minute fixes which did not fit into 8.0 release.

Full fixed issue list is available in our tracker.

Get it on the download page and upgrade! The build uses the same data format as 8.0, so you can even switch back to 8.0 after the upgrade to 8.0.1 if necessary.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 is Out: Nested Projects, Meta-Runner, and More

TeamCity 8.0 build 27402 is live and waiting for your servers.

We've done a lot in the release, mostly to ease large installations management but small teams will also find many useful improvements.
The full list can be found in the What's New and if you are feeling geeky, you can browse all the 1000+ issues fixed directly in the issue tracker.


Make sure to review the upgrade notes before the upgrade as there are changes which might affect your server if you are doing tricky things like configurations generation or extensive REST API usage.

Thank you all who tried EAP releases and reported issues and feedback to us: without your help the release would have been less cool.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TeamCity 8.0 RC Build #27390: Almost There

We plan TeamCity 8.0 release for for this (or at most the next) week and here is the last chance to try pre-release version on your server and let us know if it plays nicely in your environment.
The build is of release candidate quality so give it a try today!

Here is a list of fixed issues and one of them is pretty interesting: TW-16735 Allow to use more than 20 build configurations for less than full TeamCity Enterprise price.

And that one is actually implemented in 8.0!
Weighting several options we decided to go with the one to make each build agent license also add 10 build configurations in addition to one agent. This obviously applies only to Professional edition. All the agent licenses valid with TeamCity 8.0 will add 10 build configurations each once you upgrade.

Hope you will find this useful as well as other 8.0 features.