Monday, October 21, 2013

TeamCity 8.1 EAP Build #29353: Pre-Tested Commit for Git/Hg, Easier Configuration and More

With this build we open Early Access Program for TeamCity 8.1. The release is planned within months and it will have fixes and improvements throughout the system.

In the upcoming release we aim for simplifying initial configuration and settings change. This EAP build already has administration UI changes: split into simple and advanced settings and "guessing" logic on creating a new build step with "Auto-discover" action. We are eagerly awaiting for any feedback on those as we continue to add improvements in the area.

Another important addition is pre-tested commit functionality for Git and Mercurial, akin one we have for Subversion/Perforce. However, it does not require IDE integration and is naturally based on branches. Check "Automatic Merge" Build Feature for the configuration.

Check other additions in the release notes and grab the build at the EAP download page.
While the build works fine for us, most probably it is not yet ready for your production servers, so you might try it just locally or on a test server.