Friday, June 26, 2015

TeamCity 9.0.5: Performance Improvements, Security and Other Fixes

Here is 9.0.5 (build 32523): a fresh stable release with latest performance improvements and other 50+ fixes including some security-related ones.

Upgrade is recommended so get it from the official download page and let it roll on your servers.

As usual, this bugfix update does not change TeamCity data format and downgrade to other 9.0.x builds is possible.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TeamCity 9.1 EAP2: Per-Build Step Settings, Build Log Color and More

Last week we have prepared a new build sharing our current development effort in the scope of upcoming TeamCity 9.1: build 36518.

Check the release notes or full list of the fixed issues.

Get the build from the EAP page.
While the build is stable enough to build all the JetBrains products, it is not recommended to upgrade your productions servers. Trying the build on a test server is the way to go. Please note that the build updates the Data Directory structures so downgrade of the data is not possible.

We target 9.1 release for July, so the started features are stabilizing and get polished. Don't miss your chance to let us know your experience with this EAP build. Report issues into the tracker and leave feedback in the forum.