Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gallio, MBUnit and others

Just curious weather and how MBUnit/Gallio/MSTest/xUnit/... are used with TeamCity. Who can share she experiences or/and plugins for that.


Jeff Brown said...

I'm going to be trying this out sometime soon. We're moving some of our projects to Team City.

Expect some kind of officially supported extensions for Team City to materialize sometime in the next few months.

Eugene said...

Jeff, thanks! Feel free asking me any questions on the integration with TeamCity.

Consider using TeamCity service messages for reporting tests to TeamCity. More details could be found at

BTW. Would that be Gallio or MBUnit only integration?

Marnix said...

Hi Eugene,

I've written an extension to MbUnit's NAnt task that logs the test results using TeamCity service messages. See

will said...

We integrated MBUnit output by writing some MSBuild tasks to publish the output of the MBUnit MSBuild task - see