Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TeamCity 4.0.2 is out

Our download page has got a new update with 4.0.2 link.

As we are working on 4.1 since about 4.0.1, so 4.0.2 is a branch which got only critical bugfixes and urgent improvements.
Generally, you will want to upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 if:
  • you are using snapshot dependencies and spot build queue growing large with automatically triggered builds of the same build configuration (now we merge them more aggressively)
  • you often have builds with lots of failing tests (performance fixes)
  • you are using SVN (several fixes incl. performance)
  • you are using CVS (fixes in pre-tested commit from IDEA, other)
  • you use TFS with large repositories and experience performance issues (we added TFS agent-side checkout, it is a bit experimental, though)
  • you are using MSTest reporting (stability fixes)
  • you have extra large build numbers (we increased the length from 32 to 256 symbols). In the trunk we also truncate build numbers in web UI to make them usable. This will soon be available in 4.1 EAP
  • or if you experienced one of the fixed issues

Need user groups support? Want to move a build configuration from one project to another right from the web UI? These are the features already in development for upcoming TeamCity 4.1. We plan to open EAP for it in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

The link to the war for 4.0.2 is returning 404

Yegor Yarko said...

Thanks for noting (we made a typo in the file name)


Steve Campbell said...

Can you explain more about the TFS agent-checkout capability?

Does this change the way that TeamCity checks for changes, or the way the build agent gets the latest changes or something else?

Yegor Yarko said...


Agent-side checkout affects only the way sources are retrieved for the build. Changes checking is always done from TeamCity server.

With server-side checkout TeamCity gets the sources (changes to be applied) on the server-side and passes them to the agent. With agent-side checkout sources are retrieved by the agent itself.

We have server-side checkout for all version controls that are supported and agent-side was available for SVN and CVS for quite a while already. Now TFS has joined the set.

Agent-side TFS checkout requires Team Explorer to be available on the agent and a TFS workspace is created for each checkout location.
On the other hand it more reliable and reduces TeamCity server load.