Thursday, March 19, 2009

New EAP build (8804): XML reports, support P4 in VS, more tests analyzing tools

During this week we were trying to get a build that we would consider EAP quality.

But as soon as one issue was fixed, another poped out and that delayed the EAP release at least half a day more. Our full build cycle takes about 4 hours. This includes many steps from Java and .Net code compile through unit tests on 4 platforms and and 5 different environments to assembling distribution packages. This process is split in about 20 steps (build configurations) and we share a common build factory with IDEA, ReSharper and other JetBrains products, so a full cycle make take a while.

Finally, after some battles we grabbed a build and are throwing it into EAP: build 8804.

Be sure to read through the release notes as it may expose unusual behavior in respect to user's default settings - read the yellow block in the notes for details.

One of the highlights of the build is bundled XML report plugin. The plugin was available for several months as a separate download and now it has reached the state we can bundle it into the distribution. But be sure to add tests reporting only if you do not see test in TeamCity UI already. Otherwise, you will get each test reported twice: once by automatic TeamCity listener and another from the XML report.

Have PMD or FindBugs reports generated during the build? Configure the report importer an get the results in TeamCity inspections browser empowered with "open in IDE" functionality.

Use Perforce and longing for the Remote Run functionality in Visual Studio? Now you get it.

Need a bird-eye view on a test in the scope of the entire project? Test details are now project-wide.

Badly want another feature? Go vote for it in our tracker (or submit a new one).

As usual, your feedback is highly appreciated.

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Kamal said...

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