Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recent Updates: 4.5.5, New EAP build

Recently, we've released a bugfix update 4.5.5 (see the fixed issues). Update is recommended for all users. Most notable additions are support in Eclipse plugin for Perforce 2009.1 integration plugin and improved compatibility with the latest IntelliJ IDEA (Maia EAP) builds.

Also a new EAP build is published.
The most important feature added are templates for the build configurations. Now you can create a template configuration and reuse its settings in others. Current approach does not allow to change much in the configurations using templates: except for the basic settings, only the build configuration properties can be altered. This means that if a value is intended to be changed in the build configurations using the template, it should be defined with a property reference. As a note, VCS roots do not support properties references and probably will not in the nearest future. However, the references are supported in the checkout rules.
We wait for your feedback on the feature to know how good this covers your cases and what improvements you definitely need.

The work is also ongoing on:
- Maven integration: trigger builds on repository artifact change is a new addition to creating a configuration from pom.xml;
- Amazon EC2 integration: can now create profiles in the web UI. We are working on dynamic agents start/shutdown - see the next EAP build;
- UI improvements: see the revamped My Changes and improved change details pages;
- Backup/restore: improved stability.

This EAP build also is compatible with the latest Maia EAP (build 10762).

If you care about any of the features mentioned, please let us know what you think and what improvements you might need.

BTW, you can also voice your thoughts in person to Pavel and me if you participate in CITCON Europe 2009 this weekend :)

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