Friday, October 30, 2009

One step closer to the release: EAP build (10522)

As we plan to release 5.0 in November, we are focusing on stabilizing and fixes now. Here is a new EAP build for you to try and let us know if something goes wrong in your environment.

With this build you will get several minor features:
  • ability to download build log right from the build popup
  • a note that there are changes from previous builds that also might have failed the newly failed tests.
  • reworked cleanup page with filter by project
  • build configuration templates improvements
  • improved Remote Run in Visual Studio addin
  • and others.
There are also many fixes throughout the system.

Plan to use new features of TeamCity 5.0? Try EAP now to let us fix important issues before the release!
Some of the larger features in 5.0 are: EC2 integration, build configuration templates, test responsibility, issue trackers integration, Maven triggers and configuration creation from pom, new Java coverage.

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