Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bugfix update: TeamCity 5.0.1

Here is one more present for your this Christmas: minor update for TeamCity 5.0.

There is a bunch of issues fixed in the release. Some performance improvements in Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins, no indeed critical bugs, but update is recommended for all users of 5.0.

As you probably know, main JetBrains development is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Russian Christmas is celebrated on January, 7. Thus, we have working days till December, 31 and then have national holidays till January, 10. Anyway, do not hesitate to post your feedback - we will get to it right after the holidays.

Best Wishes for this Holiday Season,
JetBrains TeamCity Team.


Helga said...

Is there any plans on making upgrades less painful for teamcity?

For a setup with any config changes, extra libraries for the build agents etc, it can be a hassle to upgrade. I upgraded from 5 to 5.01 but after I copied what i thought were the required config files over, the build thinks it is a 5.0 build again so obviously something went wrong (the setup works fine though).

This is making me hesitant to run upgrades to say the least.

I am running teamcity on mac OSX, in a separate install (recommended mac install)

pavel said...

Hello Helga. Could you please send a description of your upgrade procedure to teamcity-feedback at We are more than interested to make upgrade as simple as possible.