Thursday, March 25, 2010

TeamCity 5.1 EAP build #13215 is available

We are coming closer to 5.1 release (will hopefully happen in about month) and here is a new EAP build for you to try and let us know your feedback.

Some of the improvements that many existing TeamCity users will probably be interested in:
  • Ability to hide and reorder build configurations on the Overview page. After some discussions this is made a per-user setting that affects only the Overview (as an exception, the changed order is also used on My Changes page). If you try the feature, please let us know how well this suits your needs;
  • support for putting external database drive jars under .BuildServer/lib/jdbc directory. If you upgraded TeamCity in the past you probably know that the driver jars need to be added again after upgrade. So the feature is aimed to reduce necessity to patch existing TeamCity installation after upgrade;
  • HTML email notifications (and with the recent addition of advanced notification templates customization you can further extend the messages) ;
  • support for image files in the web file diff view: two images will be displayed side by side;
  • ability to add a comment for a build right on the build triggering - in the custom run build dialog;
  • and more.
The build is waiting for your download requests.

Do not forget to backup your existing data before upgrade.

Care to make TeamCity better? Do not stay silent, drop us a line.

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