Thursday, April 15, 2010

TeamCity 5.1 RC: #13300

The EAP build we are publishing today has a Release Candidate status: we are now focused on most critical fixes and checking the general state of the build.

So help us discover any critical issues in the build (BTW, what a fancy number: #13300 :).

There are almost no changes as we are focused on the bugfixing.

As usual do not forget to backup your existing data before upgrade!

Update: At some point we bundled Swabra plugin, but then decided this is a bit too early and being it a separate plugin would let us brush it up more effectively. Anyway, everyone is encouraged to try it and let us know how useful it is for you.


Comma said...

Is there howto about upgrading TeamCity (Professional Edition)?

Yegor Yarko said...


If you look for the general procedure, try our doc. Enterprise and Professional versions are no different with respect to upgrade.

Comma said...

Спасибо. Только на днях поставил и тут выясняется что установленный билд #10821, а текущий - #13300.

Comma said...

Just realized one thing: why tere is no any package available for debian / fedora / ubunti? Are you going to implement this in future or it out of priorities now?

Jon said...

did this build break the vault vcs plugin?

we are getting a System.IO.PathTooLongException when we try both

Yegor Yarko said...

The Vault-related issue seems to be filed in our issue tracker.

onboarding software said...

Very well written post. THANKS Yegor Yarko! I just tried your doc for checking general procedure. It worked great for me. Credit goes to you. Buckets of thanks :)