Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TeamCity 6.5 EAP (build 17372): Mute Tests, AssemblyInfo Version Patcher, MSpec and More

Here is a new EAP build for the upcoming 6.5 release. The major additions include:

  • Ability to mute tests. You can mute tests whenever you see a test name in TeamCity UI. The muted test still runs in a build, but it's failure does not paint the build red. Still to go is ability to automatically unmute the test after specified time or on successful test pass.
  • Tests grouping. Failed tests are now grouped by package in most lists.
  • .Net AssemblyInfo version injection. Need to add a version for your .Net assembly? Add corresponding build feature to scan the sources for AssemblyInfo files and inject build number into them before the build.
  • MSpec support. You can now natively run MSpec tests in TeamCity, coverage support included.
For more detailed description see the release notes and full list of fixed issues.

As usual, we are waiting for your feedback on the new additions in this build so that we can adjust our development efforts for 6.5


Thomas said...

Is project level properties available in TeamCity 6.5?

pavel said...

Yes, you can try it in the last EAP.