Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TeamCity 7.0 is Released

You can grab this final 7.0 build (#21241) on the official download page.

Useful links when considering and planning upgrade:

What's new in 7.0
Test-drive newer TeamCity version
Upgrade procedure

Do not forget to create a backup (e.g. from TeamCity web UI) before upgrading as after upgrade you will not be able to downgrade TeamCity data to previous versions.

Please note that TeamCity server and agents need to be run under Java 1.6 in TeamCity 7.0. If you are running TeamCity 6.5.x and still run agents under not compatible Java, you will have a yellow note on Agents page of TeamCity UI. See details.

Our current (yet to be confirmed) plans are to continue improvement of 7.0-introduced features and release 7.1 in several months. Your feedback on the new features and stories on how they suit your use cases is highly appreciated.

And it's time for us to get a glass of champagne Maß of Bavarian beer.

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