Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TeamCity 7.0.2 Bugfix, Xcode Runner Plugin Preview

Last week we have released a new bugfix update: 7.0.2 build 21349 mostly to address recently uncovered issues occurring in some installations. Upgrade is recommended for all users. This release still uses the same data structure as 7.0 and 7.0.1, so downgrade to the versions is possible, if necessary.

An unrelated, but noteworthy is also an initial version of Xcode runner that we have recently published.
It is meant to help build Mac OS X and iOS projects in TeamCity.

It's been a while since several third-party plugins were available for the purpose ([1][2]). We greatly appreciate the effort of the authors and thank them for helping TeamCity users with Xcode builds.

Now we want to make Xcode builds first-class citizens in TeamCity and bundle the functionality into TeamCity distribution with one of our next releases. If you use Xcode for your development it would be great if you try the plugin and let us know how it suits your needs, what should be added, etc.


Nick said...

I thought you had to be running on a Mac in order to build XCode. Does this requirement also exist for the XCode runner? Does Team City have to be running on a Mac, or can you use this plugin with Team City running on a Windows Server?

Yegor Yarko said...

Yes, Xcode runner launches Xcode build, so TeamCity agent should be running on Mac OS X with Xcode 3 or 4 installed to be able to run the build. At the same time TeamCity server can be installed on any supported OS.

Anonymous said...


It is possible to archive an ipa and plist files for distributing?
Thank you.

Maxim Manuylov said...


Are these files generated by "xcodebuild" utility? If yes, you can just set up artifact rules for your build configuration to see them as artifacts of your build. If no, can you please explain what these files are? Do you want TeamCity to generate these files?

Anonymous said...

These files are generated by xcode-Organizer-Archives-distribute.. process. I am not sure TeamCity can generate these file after building.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. I want Teamcity to generate these files. have a way by artifacts setting?

Maxim Manuylov said...

So can TeamCity generate these files or not? If they are already generated, just go to the "General Settings" page of your build configuration and write the path to your build output folder to the text area "Artifact paths" (write it on the new line if you already have some text there).