Thursday, December 13, 2012

TeamCity 7.1.3 BugFix Update: Fixes and Performance Improvements

Here is a new update for the 7.1.x versions: 7.1.3. It mainly includes bug fixes and some performance improvements, particularly related to cleanup. You can review the full list of fixed issues in our tracker.

This 7.1.3 release is still data format-compatible with all 7.1.x releases, so upgrade is recommended and you still will have a chance to revert to previous 7.1.x version if something plays wrong in the new version.

Time to grab the latest binaries and schedule an upgrade!

If you have not yet checked a recent entry in our official blog on our plugins week, you might want to do so as there are several plugins you can benefit from already in TeamCity 7.1.x.
Particularly Flaky tests analyzer, Deployer and Torrent artifacts ones might play nicely in certain environments. What is more important is your feedback which we wait for the plugins so we can further improve and consider bundled them in the future versions.

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Cure Tonsil Stone said...

at least if in case we would not like the new version we can go and downgrade it again. thanks again.