Thursday, August 22, 2013

TeamCity 8.0.3 BugFix Update

As more and more installations get upgraded to TeamCity 8.0.x, we get more bug reports, which we try to fix promptly. Here is the latest update with several important issues fixed, so upgrade is recommended. You can check the full list of fixed issues in the issue tracker.

As before, upgrade/downgrade within 8.0 - 8.0.3 is possible as the same data format is used.


renderimage said...

We already have a customized v8.0 Professional installation (on a linux box, non-war).
How do we update it to 8.0.3 without loosing all the customizations (ldap auth, external db, custom context etc)?

The only documentation I've managed to find is about 7->8 upgrade steps.

renderimage said...

OK, since all the customizations are placed in data folder I just have simlinked the 8.0.3 teamcity folder + copied server.xml custom config form the "conf" folder of the 8.0 teamcity instance.

That was the easiest server app update I have ever done :D

Yegor Yarko said...

Hi renderimage,
Upgrade instructions are the same for all the upgrades. The only difference with 8.0.x -> 8.0.3 upgrade is that you can actually downgrade to the previous version.

BTW, please make sure that the data directory is not used by two TeamCity servers at the same time.