Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Calcutta EAP, build 7757

On Thursday we've released a new EAP build, but I was a bit in a hurry leaving for a flight to Amsterdam to post the announcement here. But better late then never :)

This build introduces enhancements in the builds dependencies, namely: option to reuse the builds if they have no changes rather then rebuilding them each time for an upstream build; ability to configure artifact dependency to use the dependency built on the same sources; support for the builds sequences in the personal builds and display of the dependencies for a running/finished build.
If you try the feature, let us now how it suits your building process and what is still missing to fulfill your build dependencies requirements.

Other additions in the build are individual test details page with the test runs history and ability to commit a pre-tested commit if no new tests failed.
And yes, we've also added support for .Net code inspections tool: FxCop form Microsoft.

One of the features we started to work on is integration with externals source browsing tools. Some initial functionality is already baked in this EAP release.

Here is how to try it: Create a new file named in the .BuildServer/config directory with the content like:

;external change viewers config example
;all entries are optional
;general format is: rootId=external tool link template
;all roots of type 'svn'
;specific root id

Then look for a link "Open in external change viewer" in the change description on the build's Changes page.
Do you like the feature? What tools do you need integration with?

Browse the full EAP release change log and download the build.

Your comments are welcome!

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Jacques said...


It would be great for one of you to post how you guys are using IDEA modules (I will make the wild guess that you are using IDEA to develop IDEA and TC :-), sources code layout and tc projects to manage your products builds and keep them as fast as possible. Are you using maven? If not do you have an opinion on how to set it up with maven/IDEA/TC.
We have a much smaller application compared to IDEA (500KNLOC) but are starting to feel the pain of a ~25mn build and would like to break it up. The new features of Calcutta that you are describing seems to be right in the alley of build avoidance and sounds exactly what we need.

Thanks in advance.