Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TeamCity in Google Chrome

We try things here at JetBrains, so of course we tried Google Chrome on the day it was released. Some of us even switched to Chrome as their main browser.

Apart from just trying the new browser we were also curious whether TeamCity will work OK in Chrome. No surprises here, we did not spot anything broken (since TeamCity works OK in Safari/WebKit).

One of the cool features of Chrome is making web application out of a page and we tried that with TeamCity. It worked out of the box, but we decided to make use of Google Gears API to provide default text for the Create Shortcut dialog and also provide several sizes for the TeamCity favicons so that Chrome can put on the desktop the right size instead of scaling 16x16 default.

Several meta and link tags more and we're in. The latest EAP already has the changes.
If you have it installed, you can get the different-sized icons via URLs:


Huh? 512? Yes. Just in case someone will need it that big :)

Here is also a related post on DZone.

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