Saturday, November 1, 2008

Calcutta EAP, build 7888

A new EAP build was published on Tuesday.

The main changes are described in our EAP space, but there were many others and I will point out some:
  • Connected agents now display the time of last activity rather then time of registration on the server;
  • Presentation of Test Details page has been improved;
  • "Triggered by" field of the build now displays the build configuration name if triggered by same-sources dependency;
  • Storing of duplicate code finder results has been improved. The results are now valid for all the builds. Previously, the duplicate results were only valid for the most recent build and older builds could show incorrect data;
  • If you write a build script or tool and need to detect whether it is run under TeamCity or not, you can now use TEAMCITY_VERSION environment variable that holds TeamCity version as shown in the web UI footer;
  • IVY library has been updated. We use it to resolve artifact dependencies on agents. The updated version properly handles spaces in the file names, at last;
  • Logging of VCS-related errors into the TeamCity logs has been improved to be less verbose but note more details;
  • Windows build agent installer no longer defines JAVA_HOME to point to bundled JRE. This will make the administrators make an explicit choice if their builds use JAVA;
  • Build stopping logic has been improved under Windows to eliminate wrong process tree building when process ID was reused by the OS;
Grab you copy of the fixes on the download page.

As always, your comments are welcome!


jmychasiw said...

Thanks for the update.

There was a reply to one of my posts regarding the Eclipse Plugin. It stated that the Eclipse plugin needed to be brought up to the same level of functionality of the Intelij Plugin.

Would it be possible to post a blog that could detail the type of changes that went into the plugin for version? This has been huge issue for us.


Yegor Yarko said...

Thank you for the request, we will try to describe the issues. In the meantime you can browse the issues fixed in our tracker for those in "IDE: Eclipse plugin" subsystem.