Thursday, November 27, 2008

The most advanced continuous integration for Ruby on Rails with TeamCity 4.0

TeamCity 4.0 has a dedicated rake runner, with support for Rake tasks, Test::Unit, and RSpec tests.

Our special thanks goes to the guys behind RubyMine and Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, who created this runner for TeamCity.

Here is a short (3.5 min, 7.3Mb) demo of some unique TeamCity's features and how they work for a Ruby on Rails project.

This demo includes:
  • setting up Rake runner build configuration
  • running a build, with progress estimate for subsequent builds
  • ongoing test reporting while build is running
  • viewing changes in version control, which are included into the build (web diff)
  • "first failed in"/"already fixed in" features for failed tests
  • full sortable test list for a build
  • a graph for test duration time

Read more about TeamCity features and what's new in 4.0 or download it now and see for yourself!



Степан said...

Great thanks guys. We now using team city for Java, .NET and Rails projects.

Beaumont Muni said...

Does TeamCity integrate with Git Version control?

Yegor Yarko said...


There is a third-party plugin. JetBrains is developing own git support and the first EAP version will be available within a week or so. Watch this blog for updates.

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