Monday, April 6, 2009

New EAP build (8870): Boosted LDAP integration

With several last-minute fixes to LDAP integration (so last-minute we are are providing them as a separate download - see the note on Download Page), we are releasing the next EAP build from 4.1 series.

LDAP integration can now retrieve user details and groups membership as well as automatically create users in TeamCity once they appear in LDAP. The latter feature is useful for sending builds notifications to the users that do not even know about CI server.

With more UI polishing and bulk group operations, user groups feature is almost finished in this build.

A detailed changes description can be found in the release notes.

If you care either about user groups or LDAP integration please give these features a try and let us know your opinion. We plan to release 4.1 in several weeks and there is still a chance to fix major issues if you spot them.

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