Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TeamCity Tracker Upgrade

About a year ago we migrated our TeamCity issue tracker from JetBrains Jira to a new tracker that is developed in-house. The dogfooding is great - the developers are several rooms away and you can always go complain in person rather then trying to write everything down :)

The tracker (its codename is Charisma) has been evolved a lot since then, but there were no changes visible for the last couple of months. Why? Because of the new completely rewritten UI and the whole new approach to replace the current one. These changes could not be done incrementally and were developed under cover for quite a while. BTW, the language technology behind Charisma is MPS and that makes the development much more fun.

A week ago a new update was pushed to and now all the users can try the new UI themselves. The old one ("workspace") will be abandoned soon.

So head to your profile ("Settings" tab) in the tracker and check "Use New UI" checkbox.
You will then be redirected to new UI URL:

The workspace can still be reached by, but if you ever need it - let us know why. We will need to improve new UI before we drop the old one for good.

Do you like new UI? Any difficulties using it? We need your feedback! Found a bug? Post it right into Charisma.

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Vyacheslav Lukianov said...

BTW, this is not an April Fools' Day joke.