Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TeamCity EAP: Collapsible Build Log, Gradle Support and More

This EAP build continues improvements in redesigned My Changes page and IntelliJ IDEA project runner while also adds several new features like build log displayed as a collapsible tree (wow, that was the very second feature filed for TeamCity project), Gradle runner (in experimental status) and ability to display some server-wide usage statistics (see Server Configuraiton/Usage Statistics).
Grab the build as usual.

If you are keen on details, then full report from our issue tracker is for your service.

It probably makes sense to install the build as a test server and try upgrading data of your main server to see how it goes.

Several notes on the things that have been changed and might affect your installation:
  • if you relied on automatically defined system.DotNetFramework* properties, they are no longer available as system.* properties, but rather as properties with no prefix/configuration parameters (and so they are not automatically passed into your build script).
  • NUnit and MSTest settings are now extracted into separate runners
  • several data structures got more fields in REST API
  • open API on agent was adopted to allow for multiple build steps
With our monthly pace with EAP builds this is one of the last EAP builds before TeamCity 6.0 which we plan to release in several months. So if you are interested in any of the 6.0 features (see the change log) do not postpone trying the build so that your feedback can still contribute to 6.0 release.


Rob said...

"... several months" doesn't sound good. In July it was hoped to make the end of the year.

Yegor Yarko said...


Actually, around end of November still sounds quite possible for 6.0 release. BTW, what is your most wanted feature of 6.0?