Monday, October 18, 2010

TeamCity 5.1.5 Bugfix Update

Here is a fresh update for stable TeamCity versions: build 13602 available on the download page.

Included are several improvements in web UI and various fixes throughout the system. See our YouTrack installation for the full list.

This is a minor upgrade so you can probably do light version of upgrade (comparing to the full instructions).
This light approach is:
  1. Create backup of your data from TeamCity Administration UI (backing up database and configuration data)
  2. Install the updated TeamCity version over your existing one. The simplest way to do that is to:
  • stop the server
  • backup your <TeamCity home>/webapps/ROOT directory
  • delete it's content
  • unpack TeamCity-5.1.5.war (this is a zip archive) into the directory
  • start the server
And consider trying 6.0 EAP as a test install to let us know how it suits your current or future needs!

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