Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TeamCity EAP: Upgrade Confirmation, Bundled dotCover and More

This EAP build (#15638) is one of the last ones to have major feature additions before the upcoming TeamCity 6.0.

Our plans are to release 6.0 in about a month and now we are shifting our main effort to bugfixing and minor improvements. If you want to try new 6.0 features and give us feedback so that we can address it before the release, it's high time to grab the build and test-drive it in your environment.

If you are from .Net camp you can now start to collect code coverage with several simple settings configured from web UI. This is possible thanks to bundled JetBrains dotCover console tool. You can view coverage reports in TeamCity web UI before you decide to equip each developer with dotCover add-in for Visual Studio.

As to changes before 6.0, we have one more card in our sleeve that is likely to be exposed in one of the final EAP builds, so stay tuned.

Beware of the new upgrade confirmation screen that you will see upon first launch of  this TeamCity server.
Starting from this version TeamCity displays the current settings and allows to create backup of the data before proceeding. (Creating backup is only available if you upgrade from previous 6.0 EAP and any future builds)

Please check the settings are correct before proceeding (so that you do not point your test server to a production database by mistake).

This information is displayed only to authenticated users who have physical access to the server: can view TeamCity logs (logs/teamcity-server.log) and grab "Maintenance Authentication Token" from the log.

See the release notes for other major additions or look through full fixed issues list.

And please do not forget to let us know what you think.

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