Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TeamCity 6.0 RC2 (build 15700): Changes Filter in Schedule Trigger and Fixes

As one more bit before the release here is a RC2 build.

It has only several noteworthy changes and some issues fixed.

A little but wanted feature still slipped in at this time: ability to make Schedule trigger skip triggering a build if the pending changes match specific pattern.

Please note that this build comes without bundled EAP license key (but you can still get one form previous EAP build if you wish :).

Want to get a preview of the almost ready TeamCity 6.0? Jump on the train.

BTW, if you happen to still have TeamCity 4.x installed, you might want to consider buying an upgrade before 6.0 comes out (you can count days now). This way you can still get upgrade discount and get 6.0 and (as with a usual license) get all following releases within a year included into the price.


Thomas said...

Is project level properties going to be implemented in TeamCity 6?

Yegor Yarko said...


No, they are not as TW-4612 was never assigned to 6.0. May be 6.1 or later...

Rick Marry said...

what is the target release date for 6?

Yegor Yarko said...


First winter day sounds very probable :)

Is it just curiosity or the date significantly influences your plans?

Rick Marry said...

I have a license for 1 year of upgrades on the server and 10 agents.

I bought it last January so this is cutting it close for me.

Multiple build steps is what interests me most about 6.

Also, once I'm ugraded to 6, does that mean that I get all patches thereafter for 6? or would I need to renew the license for it?


Yegor Yarko said...


For the releases after covered "1 year of upgrades" you will need to renew the license.

gidis said...

How many releases a year?

Yegor Yarko said...

> How many releases a year?
Usually within a year we release one major (.0), sometimes also one .1 or .5 release and many bugfix releases.