Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calcutta EAP, build 7385

I also think that two months is a too large period between EAPs.

But here it is, to your pleasure.
  • personal builds can be targeted to a specific build agent
  • Ability to redefine certain build parameters on manual build run
  • Risk tests reordering support for NUnit
  • IntelliJ IDEA 8 (Diana) is used to collect inspections and find duplicates
  • IntelliJ IDEA 8 (Diana) project file format is supported in Ipr runner, Inspections and Duplicate runners.
  • Reworked plugin packaging (plugin writers, take a look!)
  • Ability to configure charts on Project home page (Statistics tab)
  • Custom artifacts-based tab on the Project page
  • more features and details (with screenshots)
Much of the work done in this EAP build is not visible in UI, since we're working on composed builds/history builds feature and didn't manage to make it testable by the public. Yet.

Download and don't forget to backup before installing. Would you help us test it?

Kind regards,


Tyler Lynch said...

We will be installing today and put it through it's paces. Should feedback be placed into your forums?

Kir Maximov said...

Yes, please :)

BTW, there is a small update (7388), which provides improved database migration tool (for the case if you need to migrate from HSQLDB to MySQL or something like that)

Thanks for trying EAP :)