Friday, July 25, 2008

TeamCity 3.1.2 Release Candidate

Since the 3.1.1 release, thanks to our users, we discovered and fixed some bugs in the code. The most critical ones were integrated into 3.1.x branch and now it's time to release the fixes as 3.1.2 release.

Before the release we would want to check that the fixes really work and no new ones were introduced, hence the 3.1.2 release candidate.

In this release we have included:
  • reworked clean checkout for VSS which now uses native client instead of glitchy VSS API;
  • reworked build stopping logic under Linux platforms: we no longer use JNI (to find out the PID of the current process), but some command-line magic;
  • reworked database migration tool. OutOfMemory error on large databases is (hopefully) fixed now, as well as data truncation errors. Also, detailed progress reporting is implemented which is really useful when migrating large setups.

    Nevertheless, for a production use please consider migrating to one of supported external databases as soon as possible;

  • fixed security issue when a user watching "All Projects" may receive notification for a project he/she does not have access to;
  • miscellaneous fixes in CVS and StarTeam support, other issues.

So, if you are still using TeamCity 3.1.1 or earlier and did not upgrade to Calcutta EAP, please try this release candidate build.

Those using the 4.x branch EAP does not have the option to try this build because the TeamCity data directory was already upgraded to a newer format and it cannot be downgraded. On the other hand, most of the fixes were already available in the latest Calcutta EAP and the most recent ones will be available in the next.

While preparing the release notes for this release candidate I approached the team developing our home-grown issue tracker with a reminder that the tracker still has no way to make an external link to a shared folder like "3.1.2 fixes". 30 minutes later we already had the new version of the tracker deployed with the feature added. "Wow", said I and grabbed the link for the 3.1.2 fixes.
Not having the feature beforehand is the cost, but ability to have a feature added in the matter of minutes is the benefit of using in-house developed solutions.


Ryan said...

Great work on the continual releases!! The tracker system seems to be broken at the moment though ...

Yegor Yarko said...

> The tracker system seems to be broken at the moment though ...

Works now, at least for me.

I asked the tracker team to create a dedicated forum on , so that suggestions/detailed problem descriptions can be posted there when tracker is not available for some reason. I hope the forum will be created today.

Yegor Yarko said...

BTW, here is the tracker forum link.