Monday, July 28, 2008

Mercurial SCM Support in TeamCity

Among new stable release we prepared another good plugin for you. This plugin adds support for wonderful SCM system - Mercurial. The plugin supports:
* changes collecting
* checkout on server mode
* obtaining files content (allows to view diffs on files)
* checkout rules

Plugin does not support:
* remote run (requires corresponding support in IDE)
* checkout on agent (this feature is in progress)

The plugin works with 3.1.x and 4 EAP releases.

You can get the latest version of the plugin from

There you will find two zip files:

First zip contains jar files that should be moved to the WEB-INF/lib directory of the TeamCity 3.1.x server. If you need to install plugin under the TeamCity 4.x you can put the whole zip into the .BuildServer/plugins folder. After that restart your server.

Second zip contains full source code of the plugin available under the terms of Apache license 2.0 (you can also obtain source code of the plugin from the mercurial repository: where it actually reside).

We hope that source code will help us to catch bugs in the plugin faster and will be a good reference for our plugin writers.

Happy building!

Update: Current information on the plugin can be found on the plugin page.


Anonymous said...

download link is not worked

pavel said...

Our admins are recovering after the hardware crash. Please try again later.

karthikeyan said...

Hi all !

I am new to use the team city, I have a maven project to be checked for changes from mercurial repo server, update changes, then build the project.

I am successfull with building the maven project without configuring mercurial in it.

But if i configure the mercurial & if i click test connection ... it keeps going..... loading hours together. bt not gets finished.

so i cancelled, saved and clicked run button, then too it keeps running nt ending.

there is no problem with mercurial server n all bcoz i am using mercurial through client for months with no problem.

I also tried with cvs as the vcs its working bt Mercurial alone is problematic.

I am using tc 5.0.2.

Kindly help me